Part of the global Grieg Seafood ASA, Norway, Grieg Seafood Hjaltland (GSH) is one of the UK’s largest farmed Atlantic salmon companies, and the largest in Shetland. Operational in Shetland for the past two decades, it employs c.200 staff, making use of indigenous island expertise, and has an annual production capacity of 22,000 metric tonnes from 39 farm sites spread over 5 clusters.

In 2013, GSH harvested 13,158 tonnes, representing 22% of the company’s global output. To sustain this level of production, the company needs 5-6 million smolt per annum. In Shetland, GSH’s integrated operation ranges from the self-supply of smolts from their new hatchery to primary and secondary processing at their factory. The company also makes wide use of the local supply chain and infrastructure, particularly for logistics.

Output from aquaculture was valued at £156 million in 2011, 10% of Shetland's overall economic output. The company's commitment to Shetland and long term employment makes a vital contribution to the sustainability of our remote and rural communities. Elaine Jamieson, HIE


In 2014, the company established a new Shetland-based sales company, Ocean Quality Ltd. Selling GSH products to a large network of customers in the UK, Europe, the Far East and North America has extended and streamlined market reach.


Shetland offers a natural site for growing salmon, and Shetlanders have a long history of making a living from the sea; this tradition had led to long-term expertise and adaptability as times, fishing capability and stocks have changed. As well as the clean, strong currents of the North Atlantic, there is a robust infrastructure in place to support the thriving aquaculture industry. Excellent transport links via an overnight boat to Aberdeen mean that the product reaches the mainland within 12 hours.


In 2010, HIE invested £314,735 towards a £3.84m project to build a new smolt hatchery. This was match funded by Shetland Islands Council and supported by a further £450,000 of EU funding. The facility was completed in 2014, enabling the company to take full control of the salmon growing process, and raising the Shetland-based turnover as well as regular employment.

HIE has also helped GSH with links to SDI (Scottish Development International).

They also maintain a close strategic relationship with them and may support the company in the future if appropriate

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