BSW Timber Limited, established in 1848, is family owned and the largest sawmilling company in the UK, operating seven mills including the new world-class facility at Kilmallie Mill, near Fort William. Kilmallie employs 190 people.

The Kilmallie Mill at Fort William has experienced dynamic growth and development over the past five years. As part of a major business growth project, the purchase of a much larger site has resulted in a doubling of production and employee numbers.

HIE is pleased to be able to assist delivery of a world-class mill for the regionally important Forestry sector, and looks forward to continuing to work with BSW in the future. Elaine Jones, HIE.


The Kilmallie mill has recently undertaken a drive to highlight the importance of homegrown timber to its operations. A visit by senior Forestry Commission officials in September 2014 marked the latest stage of Kilmallie’s £45m, five-year investment programme. This continues to facilitate the development of one the largest and most advanced sawmill sites operating anywhere in the UK, with an annual production of around 400,000 m3 of sawn timber.

It is anticipated that the installation of a Large Log Line at the new mill will create at least a further 10 direct jobs. The new line is expected to be installed in 2015 and will bring all BSW’s Fort William operations onto a single site. Alongside the cutting edge technology, Kilmallie is working to develop its use of sustainable and renewable energy.


The forests around Fort William constitute an excellent, large-scale renewable resource; in tandem with the developing capabilities of the Kilmallie site, this has resulted in a high quality processing operation which offers high-grade, long-term employment opportunities and strengthens the regionally important forestry sector.

Improved efficiencies and the rich resource of the Glenrigh Forest mean that Kilmallie is now producing more home-grown timber than ever before.


HIE has committed major investments worth over £2m to the expansion and relocation of the Kilmallie site. It has also recently approved funding to support the installation of the Large Log Line, contributing £500,000 against the £2.5m project.

HIE has developed an ongoing account management relationship with BSW over many years, offering financial and practical support to help BSW achieve solid growth within an established sector still developing its processing and employment opportunities.

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