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Access to skills

Businesses based in the Highlands and Islands often remark on the quality of work, skill, motivation and commitment demonstrated by the local workforce.  This is particularly true in the business services sector which enjoys lower than average staff turnover and exceptional loyalty amongst staff.

Highlands & Islands Enterprise works in partnership with employers, training providers, colleges and the University of the Highlands & Islands (UHI) to ensure a pipeline of skilled staff is available at all entry levels.  Some figures which highlight this include: -

  •  Over 7,800 students in H.E. with UHI (HESA, 2014-15 figures)
  •  Over 3,000 graduates from UHI (HESA, 2013-14 figures)
  •  Over 4,600 Modern Apprentices in training across the Highlands & Islands (as at 31 Mar 16)

HIE is a key partner in several national initiatives aimed at increasing the pipeline of Digital Skills available across Scotland.  HIE has been at the forefront of ensuring the region remains synonymous with access to high quality digital and ICT talent. 

“Recruitment has been a very easy process and using non-conventional methods such as social media has allowed us to attract digitally aware candidates.

We’ve found the workforce in Alness to be of a very high calibre, offering a good pipeline of dedicated individuals from all age groups and backgrounds who demonstrate a willingness to grow and learn whilst showing loyalty”.

Jim Brophy, Fujitsu

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