Where we're investing

Where we're investing

We invests millions of pounds of grant-in-aid funding each year to deliver the objectives of the Scottish Government's Economic Strategy.

We publish lists of funding that has been approved showing how this money is being invested in businesses, social enterprises, communities and projects across the Highlands and Islands.  

You can find out more about funding that has been approved by us below. Please note, this information is published quarterly in arrears.

2019 funding approvals

2018 funding approvals

2017 funding approvals

2016 funding approvals 

2015 funding approvals

2014 funding approvals

2012/2013 funding approvals 

2011/2012 funding approvals 

HIE also invests in projects of regional significance to make the Highlands and Islands a more competitive and attractive place to live, work, study and invest.

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If you have a query relating to our approvals, please email customer.service@hient.co.uk

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