Our priorities

Strengthening communities - social enterprise 

Social enterprise is critical to the economy and society of the Highlands and Islands, and the social enterprise business model is an active choice for many of our region’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

We highly value the intrinsic importance of the social and community enterprise sector. We invest through direct support, tailored products and services, account management and capital investment. We also provide support so that the leadership, innovation and the business dimensions of the sector can be strengthened, in turn supporting increased capacity, development and organisational growth.

We will extend our market intelligence of the scale and contribution of the social enterprise sector to the Highlands and Islands economy. We will also enhance our model for account management of social and community enterprises and explore new approaches to financing and funding models.

In partnership with the Scottish Government, we will continue to deliver a Business Support and Learning Programme for social enterprises for the next two years and we will work with the Social Enterprise Academy to deliver a new HI Social Enterprise in Schools programme that will give every school in the region the opportunity to develop a social business, while stimulating entrepreneurship and raising awareness of social enterprise activities in local areas.

Together with sector leaders within the social enterprise arena, and working with the Scottish Government, we will enable social enterprise to have a greater role in the design and delivery of public services.

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