Our priorities

Strengthening communities - community-led development 

Building the capacity of communities within our region is central to our work. Our primary and well established method through which to do this is community account management.

In conjunction with our Community Planning Partners, and wider national partners, our long term aim is to enable communities to rebalance their demographics and grow resilient economies.

We will make our capacity building expertise, and that of national community enterprise organisations, more accessible to communities as they embark on development plans. We will significantly enhance the capacity of communities, high growth social enterprises and the delivery of significant community-led revenue earning projects through our Community Capacity Building programme. The programme will enable account managed communities to deliver community benefit, facilitate the realisation of community renewable electricity and support innovative, high capacity social enterprise growth.

We will encourage crofting community development through support to whole crofting communities which actively seek opportunities to develop and grow. Our work with partners to explore best practice in the diversification of crofting assets will maximise community development opportunities. We will work in partnership with the Crofting Commission to deliver a crofting community development programme.

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