Our priorities

Developing growth sectors - tourism

We want to build a more competitive tourism economy, where collaboration is widely used to create growth by improving the visitor experience and by better accessing our strongest market opportunities.

HIE will enhance the industry’s growth ambition through a combination of business and community support, building scale through collaboration and building strong industry leadership.

We will play a key role with our team Scotland partners to provide an effective and joined up public sector working in close partnership with industry. Success will be measured by our ability to create jobs, increase turnover and boost international sales as well as maximising the tourism potential of our most remote and rural areas, helping create a more cohesive and fair society.

Through building strong partnerships we will develop support for the adventure sector; increase the amount of business focused research and development; develop collaborations to access new markets and build the capacity of the industry to provide sectoral leadership. In parallel, we will work with partners to increase academic strengths in the Highlands and Islands. We will deliver an ambitious programme of tourism-specific digital support in every part of the Highlands and Islands to assist our most ambitious companies as well as continuing our successful webinar programme which provides advice and best practice to hundreds of businesses across Scotland.

We will support the industry to lead this work through creating an innovative partnership approach with tourism groups to support the delivery of Digital Tourism Scotland. In marine tourism, we will commence feasibility work to quantify the potential for significant new berthing on the West Coast. We will work to develop the visitor experience shore side, and we will continue to develop industry leadership in this sector.

We will continue to provide one-to-one support for many tourism businesses to help take forward their ambitious plans for international trade, innovation and investment through account management. We believe that the tourism sector provides a unique shop window for the Highlands and Islands, building a vibrant identity which attracts people visiting to live, work, study and invest.

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