Our priorities

Developing growth sectors - financial and business serivces 

The Highlands and Islands is a prime location for global business services companies. The sector has grown steadily in the area over the last 20 years and, as a result of mergers and acquisitions, we now have some of the world’s largest business services and IT service providers in our area.

We shall continue to promote the region as a cost effective onshore location for the delivery of outsourced customer service and higher value IT roles.

Working with Scottish Development International, we will seek to establish deeper engagement with these clients to understand current trends in order to attract additional investment in the future.

Transformational investment in digital infrastructure offers opportunities to extend the sector’s reach across the region by attracting smaller scale global business services contracts and opening up home working opportunities for individuals in some of our more remote communities.

The financial and business services sector relies heavily on the availability of a skilled labour pool. We will work with STEM partners including Skills Development Scotland and the University of the Highlands and Islands
(UHI) to ensure appropriate training provision is available to meet current and future skills needs and develop a skilled labour pipeline. This is key to underpinning the sustainability and growth of the sector and positioning our area as an attractive location for future investment.

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