Data Crunch Lunch - Blockchain unraveled and applied

28 January 2019

The Data Crunch lunch is a lunch-time networking session where we invite inspiring speakers with Data Science running through their veins to share stories over lunch. Join us.

In January, we’ll hear from:

Susan Ramonat will explain how distributed ledger technology (DLT)/blockchain can deliver digital service record accountability and analytics for high-stakes industries such as healthcare, life sciences and energy.

Susan is Chief Executive of Spiritus Partners. Spiritus is pioneering digital service records and analytics for high-stakes industries like healthcare, life sciences and energy. Pairing cutting-edge foresight with results-driven pragmatism, Susan draws upon 25 years of executive experience at EFHutton, Merrill Lynch and SEI Investments in such areas as enterprise sales, product management, technology strategy, corporate development, operational risk management, and cybersecurity.

Susan is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University and she travels to Inverness from her Edinburgh base.

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