Entrepreneurial Sales Workshop

27 February 2019

About the Entrepreneurial Sales Workshop

Entrepreneurial Sales Workshop, part of the Entrepreneurial Academy series

This workshop gives you a structured six-point process to help understand the selling cycle from initial research to generate leads to post-sale management of the account.  It provides you with practical tools and techniques to build rapport with potential customers, understand buyers’ motivations, present the features and benefits of your product or service, handle objections and close the sale.   You will learn the theory of selling and gain the practical skills to achieve profitable sales for your company and leave the workshop with actions to implement in your business.

“I found all the workshops very useful, fun and great for networking. Coming down from Shetland, the pre-course information and contact was just what was needed”

Sarah Jackson, Business and HR Manager, COPE Ltd. Shetland.

Workshop format

The workshops provide you with the chance to drill into the detail of the subject as it relates to your company or social enterprise. With ‘Chatham House Rules’ in place, you can feel comfortable troubleshooting your business challenges with the support of an expert provider and with the input of the other entrepreneurs in the room. 

Participants will leave each workshop with a deeper understanding of the topic and a toolkit or plan to turn this knowledge into action. 

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