An Introduction to Satellite Applications for the Public Sector

15 January 2019

If you work for the UK public sector, are facing challenges in your policy or delivery area, and would like to learn about how satellites may provide solutions, this is the course for you!

Satellites have been supporting our everyday lives for over 50 years often without us noticing, from the navigation in your phone or car, and daily weather forecasts, to timing signals that keep key infrastructure sectors operating.

With increasing technological capabilities and computing power we can now use satellite-derived data and services to provide real insights to support our decision making and to meet our aims. Satellites can help to increase efficiency, reduce resource needs, save money, and offer capabilities not available through other means. These technologies are already being used across government and the public sector and we, in the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP), would like to give you the opportunity to learn about how they could help you and your team.

Registering your interest in attending the course is simple, just email

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