Brand Development workshop

10 October 2019

Workshop details

This workshop provides you with a structured ten step process to develop or evaluate your own brand and shows how you can use your brand to differentiate your business in a crowded market.   You will learn how to communicate the vision, mission and values of your business or social enterprise and gain knowledge on how to build a brand architecture that reflects your company’s operations and your customers’ experiences.  At the end of the workshop you will have an improved knowledge of what a brand is and why it should inform decision making within your business.   You will leave the workshops with a toolkit to implement the learning in your company.

This workshop will be delivered by Lesley Thomson (above), Managing Director of communications consultancy Spreng Thomson and Janice Kirkpatrick (right), Creative Director of design agency Graven Images. Lesley is a highly experienced communications professional working with extensive experience of delivering brand and business strategy sessions for owners, boards and executive teams. Janice is a designer with other 30 years’ experience on leading brand projects for a diverse range of businesses, public and third sector organisations.  

“The HIE Entrepreneurial Academy workshops were excellent and have really added value to my business and accelerated our plans for growth”

Catherine Bunn, Director, Highland Campervans. Dalcross

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