NEXUS Business Breakfast

04 September 2019

Event details 

NEXUS Business Breakfast from 8.30-9.30am Wednesday 4 September.

Enjoy breakfast with guest speaker Professor Alistair Kean, an expert in applying science of nanotechnology to healthcare, will share his top five tips for running a successful company - based on his experience from setting up Nika Works Ltd, a company he started to commercialise nanotechnology.


With a background in applied physics, Alistair has held academic positions at a number of universities but also worked in industry, notably with Sharp Laboratories of Europe in Oxford. He also works with Johnson Matthey PLC.

He almost became an astronaut in 1989 when he was shortlisted to visit the Russian Mir space station.

Alistair has recently been appointed as the new professor of medical nanotechnology at the School of Health, Social Care and Life Sciences at the University of the Highlands and Islands.
He will investigate new nanomaterials and their application to medical devices and products. The research will include the development of antimicrobial coatings to kill bacteria on medical instruments and new forms of thin film diamond to increase the lifetime of implants. As well as this a photonics/plasma lab will be developed to utilise photons for diagnostics, surface treatments and active therapies.

If you would would like to attend, please register with Claire.

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